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  • 1st Tuesday Welcomes Senator Jack Johnson
    Tue, Dec 06
    Want to know what is going to happen in the TN State Legislature this coming session? Join us for lunch, and our esteemed friend Senator Jack Johnson will tell us all about what is about to happen in January !
  • 1st Tuesday Welcomes CONGRESSMAN MARK GREEN
    Mon, Oct 17
    Join us for Lunch and hear the update from Congressman Green on whats happening in Washington, Tennessee, and the fight for Congress this November!
    Tue, Sep 13
    Latinos for Tennessee Exec Director Raul Lopez, and several Latino candidates for public office share their thoughts on the upcoming elections. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS FIRST TUESDAY !!
  • First Tuesday Welcomes Andy Ogles
    Tue, Aug 16
    Join us for Lunch to meet and talk with the New TN5 Congressman! We will also talk through the outcomes of Metro Council rejecting the RNC Convention. You Dont Want To Miss This !
  • First Tuesday Presents TNGOP Scott Golden
    Mon, Jul 11
    Join us for Lunch on July 11 to hear everything that is happening in the Tennessee GOP!
  • First Tuesday Proudly Presents   Senator RICK SCOTT
    Fri, Jun 17
    1st Tuesday is proud to welcome Sen Rick Scott to Nashville. Rick Scott was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2018. Prior to his election to the U.S. Senate, Rick Scott served two terms as the 45th Governor of Florida. Join us for Lunch and learn about the Senators American Rescue Plan!
  • Gov BOB EHRLICH Talks Trump &  BOOKSIGNING Event
    Wed, Apr 13
    First Tuesday is Honored to welcome Former Governor Bob Ehrlich to talk about his latest novel "ORIGINAL, UNCONVENTIONAL & INCONVENIENT", an analysis of the Donald J. Trump administration, and it's impact on America, and it's Future.
  • GOP Legal Guru JOHN RYDER
    Tue, Mar 08
    John Ryder has been a fixture in Tennessee Republican Politics for decades. A member of the TN SEC and the RNC, he chaired the RNC's Redistricting Committee in 2012, and served as General Counsel from 2013 through 2017. Hear what John Ryder has to say about the State of our great Country !
  • NEW YORK POST Columnist Miranda Devine
    Thu, Feb 10
    Ludlow and Prime
    On Thursday, February 10th, 1ST TUESDAY will host renowned NEW YORK POST Columnist Miranda Devine. Miranda has recently released the HOTTEST selling book on the NY TIMES list titled " LAPTOP From HELL"
  • NEW Nashville-Republican Congressman-to-be Congressman John Rose
    Tue, Jan 25
    Ludlow and Prime
    Please join us to welcome our NEW Nashville-Republican-Congressman-to-be, Congressman JOHN ROSE !!
  • Arizona's  State Party Chair, Dr. Kelli Ward and TN State Party Chair, Scott Golden
    Thu, Dec 30
    Ludlow and Prime
    What a VERY SPECIAL "Christmas present" we have for 1ST TUESDAY attendees to end 2021 !! On Thursday, December 30th we will host 2 of the most prominent REPUBLICAN STATE PARTY Chairs in the country.
  • 1st Tuesday
    Tue, Nov 09
    Ludlow & Prime
    Our November version of 1ST TUESDAY is set for Tuesday, November 9th ! [yes, on 2nd Tuesday ] And you can expect that it is going to be hot as the Virginia Governor's race !!
  • First Tuesday Welcomes TN State Republican Party Chair Scott Golden and GA Republican State Party Chair David Shafer
    Tue, Aug 10
    First Tuesday Welcomes TN State Republican Party Chair Scott Golden and GA Republican State Party Chair David Shafer to talk about 2020 Georgia election and how the Republican Party plans to fight back in 2022.
  • 1st Tuesday Welcomes Rep John Rose and Miss Tennessee Elizabeth Pistole
    Tue, Jul 06
    Join us on this 1st Tuesday to listen and meet our special guests Representative John Rose and Miss Tennessee Elizabeth Pistole
  • First Tuesday Welcomes Speakers on University of Nashville Riots
    Tue, Jun 01
    June 1st marks the 1st anniversary of the Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s Covid-19 spreading, BLM protesting and "LET'S RIOT party" The resulted included burning of the Metro Court House [recorded live on video] looting on Broadway, startling damages to the Nashville.