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For decades 1ST TUESDAY has actively sought and brought the most important and engaging elected leaders, national political figures and hot topic experts to Nashville as guest speakers. 1ST TUESDAY Members and guests know our lunch events are where you can not only hear directly from political leaders, but can also engage them directly.  1ST TUESDAY is renowned for frank Question & Answer sessions.

Notable guest speakers have included former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Governors Bill Haslam, Matt Bevin [R-KY] and Robert Ehrlich [R-MD], US Senators Alexander, Corker and Paul, Members of Congress Black, Blackburn, Estes [R-KS] , Fincher, Green, Roe and Rose.  Prominent political figures visiting 1ST TUESDAY have included Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity and Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform. And when a HOT local topic has come up such as a $600M Convention Center or a $9B tax increase for mass transit, the timely speakers at 1ST TUESDAY have included Nashville’s Mayor, the President of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and more.

In short, if it has to do with politics, 1ST TUESDAY is where those making it happen come to engage with those who want to know.

Host - Tim Skow

As host of First Tuesday for over a decade, Tim has maintained the vision of bringing together those who really care about politics and policy with those who actually cast the votes. Tim decided to dedicate himself toward building political bridges after two close elections for the State House in the 1990’s. Since then he has been active in state and local politics. Today, Tim has two political focuses. The first is recruiting, funding and electing local area candidates. The second is assisting those who will steer Nashville and Tennessee towards responsible governance and away from the liberal dream of turning Nashville into ‘’ The San Francisco of the South’’.  


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